Monday, 30 September 2013

Baby Event 2013 Top 5 Products!

My Top 5 Products featured
 at the

5. Playtoes (@playtoes)

Playtoes are a brand new company who launched their product at the Manchester Baby & Toddler show. Playtoes are a range of pram shoes designed to stimulate baby's senses with features including a variety of textures, rattles & bright colours.

I loved this product and thought it was a fantastic idea! The designs are really cute and they would make a fantastic gift! My son would love playing with the different fabrics and hearing his little feet rattle.

4. Milkysnugz (@MilkySnugz)

My friend who I was visiting the Event with is an absolute sucker for anything cute so as soon as she saw the stand she literally ran to it, with myself jogging along behind!
Milkysnugz are cute and cuddly characters (coming in 6 different designs!) that slide over the top of your baby's bottle. Not only are they snuggly, but they have been proven to help with the transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding your baby.
Milkysnugz would have probably been my 2nd favourite product at the event until I grabbed a bottle from my changing bag to test it out and the (lovely) lady said "They don't fit Tommee Tippee bottles."
My friend and I were both heartbroken as we both use this brand, as do most of my friends! They do fit almost ANY other bottle brand though I am assured. Milkysnugz if you are reading this... PLEASE design a product to fit Tommee Tippee bottles as I LOVE your product!
3. Gemzdesignz (@gemzdesignz)

Gemzdesignz is a brand creating bespoke custom-made pram accessories and changing bags.

 I LOVE this brand and you can really see the quality in all their products. The lady who designed and made all the products was on the stand and she was just as lovely as her products too.

2. MAM Night Orthodontic Soothers (@MAMBABYUK)


Another genius product from one of my favourite brands, MAM. Available in 0+ Months and 6+ Months these soothers are fantastic!
 Having bought some I can honestly recommend these and say that rooting around your baby's cot in the dark with become a thing of the past. I have seen these 'glow in the dark' soothers sold by a few retailers (including one supermarket!) however have never come across any so cute! They come in lots of designs  (boys, girls & neutral) and would make a fantastic gift!
 My favourite feature of the product is the sterilising box, which I haven't seen from any other brand. 25ml of water in the bottom of the box and a couple of minutes in the microwave and your soothers are ready to go. It also comes in handy for  keeping soothers together in your changing bag. A 5 star product in my opinion!
1. Driblet (@dribletbibs)
Stylish, functional and affordable, Driblet were DEFINITELY my favourite product! High quality dribble bibs that come in a range of stunning fabrics (even Christmassy designs!) and really do the job!
I bought this bib for my son...
...And we BOTH love it!
They are the perfect fit and will fit him for a long time to come as there are 4 different size settings. They wash really well (as promised!) and are SUPER value at £6 each or 2 for £10! I'll definitely be buying them as gifts for ALL my son's friends!

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