Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Best bargain buys for Mummies-to-be!

My favourite (and most useful!) products for pregnancy!
My son at 21 Weeks, 5 Days

36 Weeks Bump!
After starting my Maternity Leave at 34 weeks, I found myself at home alone a lot of the time as my partner travels around Europe in his field-based job. I knew it was an ideal time to "Rest & Relax" (CONSTANT advice from my Midwife!) but I just couldn't resist the urges!
 I was filling my days with endless housework, washing EVERYTHING (baby bedding, towels, my clothes, my partner's clothes etc.) in Non-Bio powder, go for long walks & swims to ensure I didn't gain too much 'Baby Weight' and just generally keeping myself busy.
This made it really difficult to relax in the evenings, but the products I am about to share with you really helped me to unwind... ON A BUDGET (as we all know SMP doesn't stretch that far!) Enjoy...
1. LUSH 'Dreamtime' Luxury Bath Melt (@lushcosmetics)
£3.25 each, available at www.lush.co.uk or in-store
Probably the most premium product on my list, but definitely worth it, even if you only try it once (I actually asked my partner for this and used the excuse "I've not made you buy me any wine for 7 months!")
The bath melt is Cocoa Butter based, so is really kind to all skin types and fantastic for stretch marks. It contains Lavender Oil and Chamomile Oil both known for their relaxing & soothing properties, and the real dried Jasmine flowers make your bath smell divine!
I guarantee after a long day carrying your bump, this will help you to unwind and get a good(ish!) nights sleep with your ever-growing tummy!
2. Dunelm Fogarty V-Shaped Pillow (@dunelmuk)


 £9.99 available at www.dunelm-mill.com and in-store
(Matching pillow case £2.99 comes in 16 colours)

After seeing so many expensive 'Maternity Pillows' (all around the £40 mark!) I stumbled across this, dare I say, MIRACLE, whilst shopping for Curtain tie-backs!
It is so much more affordable than pillows specifically designed for pregnant women and comes in handy for long after your baby is born too!
I used this pillow to support my bump in late pregnancy, took it to hospital to support me during labour, used it as a breast feeding pillow and now use it for a place for my son to nap during the day! I call this product "The BEST £10 I ever spent!" and urge all mummies-to-be to jump on the bandwagon!
3. Ovaltine Chocolate
Best Price £2 for 300g, ASDA
This night-time drink was a saviour during pregnancy! Low-calorie, packed with vitamins including Iron and Folic Acid and who doesn't love chocolate!?
Perfect after a long soak and right before bed!
4. Palmers Stretch Mark Butter (@palmersUK)
Best price £2.94, Tesco
Although Midwives say that creams do NOT reduce the appearance or occurrence of stretch marks I am totally convinced that this cream has helped, significantly.
 I knew I was in for bad stretch marks as my mother has them - and it is hereditary! My stretch marks began to show around 24 weeks and got progressively worse throughout my pregnancy. However using this product has already reduced their appearance.
I started using it at around 20 weeks (just as I started showing!) and am still using it now. I am a total convert and have bought lots of other Palmers products since!

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