Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My (Free!) 1st Graze Box

So here it is...

I've been wanting to try a Graze box for probably about a year now, and have never got round to signing up... until last week. I saw yet another advert on TV giving a code for a 1st free box (it's TASTY18, by the way!) and whilst LB was napping I thought why not give this a go?!

So I signed up and was directed to a page full of lovely photo's of yummy treats, and asked to rate them 'TRY', 'LIKE', 'LOVE' or 'BIN'. There was also a box you could tick 'SEND SOON' for stuff you really wanted to try!

I checked my account this morning, and I could find out exactly what I'd been sent.

The text is probably too small for you to see! I was sent A slice of carrot cake with an afternoon tea infusion, some oatbakes with caramelised onion chutney, some garlic and basil pitted olives and finally something called 'walnut and vanilla truffle' (comprising of walnuts, vanilla sunflower seeds, raisins and dark chocolate buttons).


I was slightly disappointed with the portion sizes, they were considerably smaller than I thought, but then again I'm quite greedy when I have control over portion size, so this could be a blessing in disguise. I was also a little bit gutted that the caramelised onion chutney did not come in a little jar as it was pictured on the website, but for £3.89 (or in my case free!) I thought that it was presented well.

Me and my partner shared all four snacks (if I was to carry on getting the boxes, the plan would be one snack a day, but for the purposes of the free trial we decided to try them all!).

The olives were average, there were around fifteen in the package. They tasted good but nothing special.

The oatbakes were also fairly mediocre, not tasting of 'cheese and chive' as they were supposed to, so again, nothing I couldn't get hold of in the supermarket (or probably my kitchen cupboards!)

The Vanilla and walnut truffle was very delicious and something truly unique. I really enjoyed this snack and felt like the epitome of health chowing down on nuts, seeds and raisins! However, when I checked the calorie content and fat content I got a nasty shock! The tiny portion contained 190kcal and 12, YES 12 grams of fat! I did a little digging and found that for the same amount of calories I could have a Cadburys Freddo (which is only 155 kcal and only has 5 grams of fat!) AND a small orange. So not as healthy as I thought!

Finally the carrot cake. This was very yummy and only 88kcal so really was guilt-free as described. However it was very small and I could have a slice of Weight Watchers for 4kcal less and its about twice the size!

So in conclusion, I DID enjoy my Graze box, although I didn't find it anything special and for £15.56 a month (whilst on SMP!) I think I could create many more healthy snacks than just four a week!

So thank you for letting me try a box Graze but unfortunately I won't be paying full whack for your boxes again and have cancelled!

P.S. I have a friend code which can be used 4 times (please leave a comment if you use it!) which entitles you to 1 free Graze box. It's:


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