Friday, 18 October 2013

Things they DON'T tell you about labour, birth and your hospital stay!

Every new mum LOVES telling their labour and birth story! In the 1st week I must have told maybe thirty people, even male friends. Who can blame us? It is the most amazing experience ever!
I've noticed that first time mums go either one of two ways after giving birth to their baby: they now want 'millions' of babies or they are adamant that 'one is enough'!
My older sister has a son (C) who is 15 months older than LB. All through my pregnancy she told me how awful labour was and how she'd never do it again! Obviously she told me all about her labour, how it was the 'worst nine hours of her life' and 'the most painful thing ever'. So automatically from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I had a negative thoughts about labour and was dreading the worst.
However, I was one of those women who immediately after giving birth said 'I want another!'. My labour was awfully complicated (I was in labour for 55 hours, and it ended with an emergency C-Section after LB got stuck - more on that another time!) but it still didn't put me off. I enjoyed every minute, coping on paracetamol until I began pushing, then moving on to gas & air. I actually enjoyed the pain because I knew my son was on his way.
However there were a few things about the general experience of childbirth that I wish I would have known prior to them actually happening (the following points are not intended for the squeamish and men will definitely NOT enjoy reading, things may get a bit graphic!) here goes...
1. You have two lots of 'Waters'
My waters broke first, then the contractions started. It wasn't a massive gush but I knew they'd gone. After two days of contractions with no dilation, I was examined by a Consultant who said that my 'back waters' hadn't gone yet. This resulted in him popping them with a HUGE knitting-like needle (which he didn't even try to hide!).
2. You can NOT eat during established labour
After being put on an induction drip at 1am, I sent my partner to get me some 'supplies' (specifically Lucozade, Sweet Chilli Walkers Sensations & 2 Twix bars!). When he arrived back I started tucking in. After literally three crisps and one sip of Lucozade, the midwife came in the room and said: "You can't eat when you're in established labour in case we need to put you under anaesthetic". I was literally heartbroken, I'd never wanted junk food more in my life. To make matters worse, she then brought my OH a ham sandwich and a coffee, which I had to watch him eat whilst drooling.
3. They push the gas out of your stomach after a C-Section
As I was planning a natural delivery, I didn't do much research into Caesarean Sections. However, I had a pretty good idea of what went on. What I didn't know is that after being stitched up, the doctors then 'expelled all the extra air from inside your body'. This was pretty much a man pushing down on my stomach whilst lots of air (and vile noises!) came out of down there.


After having LB, I was bedbound for 24 hours. I was helped up by two healthcare assistants and told to shower, which I did. Whilst in the shower I was losing lots of blood very quickly, including clots which were nearly as big as my fist. I honestly thought I was dying! I pressed the buzzer and the midwife come in asking what the problem was. Through my tears I showed her how much I was bleeding to which I got the reply 'that's normal'. Nobody told me!

Did anyone else experience anything they weren't expecting?


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