Thursday, 17 October 2013

Three. Months. Old.

Today I realised how fast time has gone in the past year. I literally hate clichés more than most but (WOW!) doesn't time fly by! Today is exactly 9 months since I found out I was pregnant, tomorrow is exactly a year since my (estimated) conception date and Friday LB is turning THREE months old!
To be honest although my pregnancy was much shorter than others (I only found I was pregnant at 15 weeks, see blog post 'Totally Unaware...') it still seemed like an eternity. As soon as I hit 37 weeks every day felt like a week. I spent my days becoming addicted to the CI channel and going across the road to the leisure centre to swim, hoping every morning that my son would come.
Now LB's here. I know everyone says it but I can't remember him as a newborn and I look at pregnant photos of myself and say "Was I really that big?!".
I've taken LB to the local sensory room once a month since he's been born and today was his 3rd visit. On his 1st visit (at 4 weeks) he had a bottle, cried a little and slept. On his 2nd visit (at 9 weeks) the same. Today's visit however, was awesome! Me and my OH were really surprised at how much LB enjoyed himself! He was grabbing (and trying to chew!) the fibre optic strands, fascinated by the bubble tube and even laughing at himself in the mirror.

 It was a massive realisation for both me and my partner. LB is a 'proper' baby! He laughs, babbles and has started to play with his toys. I'm really enjoying being a mum now. Not to say that I wasn't before - but I'm getting a full nights sleep and it doesn't feel like I'm existing just to bathe, feed, burp and change LB.
So even though the time has gone by 'too quickly!' and I should 'cherish every moment' (CRINGE!) I'm loving life with LB as a 3 month old, and am excited for what's to come!

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